Record-breaking sales are not accidental. It takes strategy, curated home preparation, proper market presentation, expert representation, and a bit of creativity too. We specialize in properties that haven’t been able to sell, transforming them in just a few weeks, skillfully presenting them, and successfully closing them for top dollar. 


With 50+ years of experience in LA real estate, our team offers expertise and insight that lead to exceptional results for our clients.


Step 1: Understand Why You're Selling

What do you want to accomplish with the sale of your home? Do you want to make a certain amount of money that you can put toward a larger home or a retirement plan? Do you need to sell it as soon as possible to facilitate a move to a new city or area? Once you understand your needs, you can better craft your offer. 


Step 2: Determine Selling Price

Pricing your home is one of the most important parts of the selling process. When you set a fair price in the beginning, you’ll get the most interest from other real estate agents and prospective buyers. Overpricing your home can result in a muted response, and underpricing can result in receiving less than what your home is worth. We can help you determine what comparable homes are selling for, evaluate the current market, and settle on the perfect asking price. 


Step 3: Start Preparations

If you’ve kept your home in showroom condition since you’ve lived in it, you’re the exception to the rule. But there’s no time like the present! The sellers who land the biggest offers on their homes are the ones who first take the time to de-clutter, de-personalize (so buyers can envision themselves in the space), repair, clean, and upgrade. We can help you navigate all of those steps. 


Step 4: Develop a Marketing Strategy

We will develop a marketing strategy that is perfect for advertising your home. This involves listing the home and then driving the right people to that listing through social media campaigns, agent-to-agent referrals, curated email lists of agents and buyers (built from decades of experience), traditional media, SEO advertising, or even the offering of locally-sourced treats to Open House attendees. We create a bespoke campaign for each listing to bring it the most possible traffic in its first days on the market.


Step 5: Evaluate Offers

Receiving an offer is an exciting part of the process, but it doesn’t mean that the journey is over. We will evaluate each offer with you, while ensuring that the prospective buyer is prequalified or pre-approved by a mortgage lender and that all offer terms are clear and precise. If the offer is too low, and/or the terms are not to your liking, we can help you craft a counter-offer. If we receive multiple offers, we can help you leverage your position to drive the sales price higher. We are expert negotiators and will advocate for you every step of the way. 


Step 6: Accept an Offer

Once you deem an offer acceptable, we will review the proposed contract to make sure that all is in order with respect to deposit amount, down payment, financing, inspection rights, repair allowances, contingencies, settlement date, and a list of fees and who will pay them. 


Step 7: Get Ready to Close

You are now very close to the end of your selling journey, but there are still some tasks which must be completed before closing. We will help you prepare a number of government-mandated disclosures about the home for your buyer. Your buyer may choose to conduct inspections, surveys, and/or an appraisal. In some cases, the buyer may request that specific repairs be made to the home before the sale can be completed. And finally, you will need to make arrangements to move out of the home so that the new buyer can take possession. We will be there every step of the way to ensure that everything is in order prior to closing. 


Step 8: Close

When you close on a home you are selling, you are legally transferring ownership of the property to the new buyer. You’ll need to cancel utilities, cable, and trash or lawn services, and leave appliance instructions and/or warranties for the new owner. You will meet with the company closing the transaction to sign the final paperwork and confirm that all tenets of the contract have been fulfilled. On closing day, your buyer will have a new home, and the funds from the sale will be in your account! 


You’re free to take the next step on your journey, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of your selling responsibilities have been properly and thoroughly completed. 

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